Chatham Carpet Company has negotiated volume priced freight rates from the various Freight Lines specializing in carpet transport.
The government has given to the North Georgia area (The Carpet Capital of the World), a special “Carpet Tariff” which is based on square yards not weight. This keeps the cost to ship carpet from the north Georgia area reasonable. Selecting a “Common Carrier” of your own is fine but be sure to ask if they can use the “Carpet Tariff”. Shipping by weight could get expensive. On all orders we will check with three freight lines for you to find the best quote. Freight lines adjust their rates based on the “Carpet Tariff” weekly.

If you have a Freight Line you would prefer to use we will be glad to load and ship from our docks for you. Remember, depending on the order Georgia Sales and Use Tax may be added. This tax is not required when shipping outside the state as long as the shipper is a licensed “Common Carrier”. If you have a friend with a truck that is not a licensed ‘Common Carrier” the state requires the sales tax be charged. Be sure to include sales tax when you are comparing rates.

Common Carriers have one driver only and are not required to unload. We will notify you well in advance when the truck will arrive at your property. We can usually pin it down to a 3 hour time frame so that you can have a crew ready to unload.

Special services from the freight lines like a “lift gate”, “unloading services” or “inside delivery” are usually available but have a cost associated.