Easy How-To Buying Guide

Q & A

Q. Is this first quality carpet?
A. Yes. We produce thousands of square yards of fine quality, offer a 5 year commercial warranty, and guarantee all carpets against defects in materials and workmanship.

Q. What is the price range for your carpet?
A. The carpet you purchase from us is the same quality you will find in fancy designer showrooms. We can offer Hospitality carpet to you for as low as $4.99 per square yard up to $24.99 per square yard for custom Lobby/Hall.

Q. How do I place my order after I decide from your samples?
A. Ordering your carpet is as easy as picking up the telephone. Our experienced customer service representatives are waiting for you to call, toll-free, to discuss your carpeting needs. Simply tells us the style and color you have selected from the samples. We will ask you a few questions about your project, produce a fixed itemized quote (landed at your door), no surprises, and send a fax or email to you for your approval.

Q. How will you ship my carpet?
A. We ship your carpet to the address you provide (your property, a storage warehouse, your installers facility, etc.) via common carriers such as Xpress Global Systems, Averitt Express and Watkins Shepard. We can also arrange to deliver your carpet to your local freight terminal for your installer to pick up as needed during the installation at no additional charge.

Q. Who pays for shipping and are there taxes on my carpet purchase?
A. All carpet is shipped FOB Mill and you pay the freight charges quoted in advance as part of your total order.  If you prefer to pay the Sales and Use Tax in your home state, a copy of your business Resale Certificate will be needed.

Q. Who Pays for Sales Tax?
A. No tax is collected if the carpet is shipped common carrier outside the state of Georgia.  If the carpet is picked up at our warehouse in Georgia or shipped to any location inside the sate of Georgia, sales tax must be collected for the state of Georgia.

Q. How much are the shipping charges?
A. Shipping charges are based by the freight lines on the size of your order and the distance involved. When you place your order our shipping department does a freight search with all of the carriers serving your area. The carrier is chosen based on their best current rates and are locked in for 30 days. Carrier rates change almost weekly so we lock them in to protect you. We then recheck the rates on the day before shipping on the off chance there has been an improvement.

Q. Do you offer carpet cushion?
A. Yes. We make the Synthetic Fiber Pad required by all of the major chains. Synthetic Fiber Pad comes in 40 square yard rolls only and the cost is included in your price list enclosed in your free sample portfolio.

Q. Do you offer installation?
A. No. To send installers out of state for your project would be cost prohibitive. Quality carpet installers are in your town waiting to work for you. Check your local yellow pages, do an internet search or ask other owners. Be sure to choose an installer that has good references and a quality reputation.

Q. Can I receive a larger sample of a specific color?
A. Yes. Just ask one of our customer service representatives and we will cut a larger sample and send it out at no-charge to you.

Q. How do I pay for my carpet order?
A. Chatham Carpet Company operates on conservative manufacturers wholesale margins and accepts CASH BEFORE DELIVERY, ONLY. We accept company checks, personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks, ACH Electronic Checks or Bank Wires, VISA, MASTERCARD AND DISCOVER.