Chatham Carpet Company will produce only 1st Quality Carpet. We will use the industries best materials in all of our designs. We will purchase these materials in sufficient bulk to get the lowest cost. In this way we will can produce 1st Quality Durable Carpet for you that is truly an Obvious Value.
We will reserve sufficient Capital to hold in-stock 90% of our styles to ship within two weeks or less of your order.
Chatham Carpet Company will keep you and your staff informed as to the status of your order, shipping and delivery.
Chatham Carpet Company will strive to ship all orders in a timely manner.
All of our Customer Service personnel will be knowledgeable about the running and operations of Hotel Management. In this way we can advise you to make your project go as smoothly and as stress free as possible.
We will have a Carpet and Installation Tech. person on staff and available via the phone to give you advise or answer any questions, before, during and after the completion of your remodel project.
Chatham Carpet Company’s Sales Philosophy is to educate our customer and then listen to their needs. No high pressure sales is ever required when you offer what the customer really wants at an obvious value.
Chatham Carpet Company built this business over 30 years based on Honor and Integrity. We will always treat our Hotel Owners and their staff with the same Fairness, Honesty and Respect we would desire for ourselves and families.