Beautiful Carpet Baseboard

Why do the best hotels require it?

Call it what you like – cove-base, carpet cove, carpet baseboard, carpet covebase, and so on. Installing matching carpet baseboard when you remodel (re-carpet) adds value and richness to your guest room carpet. Matching carpet baseboard makes your guest room look visually larger to the eye of your guest. The added richness and visual enlarging of your guest rooms are why major hotel chains require it.

Carpet baseboard is very easy to install and stops scuff marks and luggage damage, reducing repair and repainting costs. There is no need to remove the existing wood baseboard. This can cause wall damage you don’t need. Carpet baseboard from Chatham Carpet Company can be installed over your current wood baseboard creating a thick, rich look.

Again, when you remove this carpet baseboard during a future re-model, there will be no wall damage.For just a few cents per foot you can make your guest room carpet and your lobby/hall carpet look extra beautiful and rich to your guests.

  • Visually Enlarges the look of the Room
  • Stops Vacuum Scuff Marks
  • Much More Attractive than Vinyl or Painted Wood
  • Easy To Install
  • No Messy Adhesive
  • Hides The Bottom Edge Of The Wall
  • No Seams To Come Loose
  • It Makes The Room Much More Attractive To Your Customers

And the money you save on repairs and repainting, you can’t afford not to put custom wall baseboard throughout your property!