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Advantages of Buying Hospitality Carpet Direct From Manufacture


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Hospitality Carpet is what we manufacture.  So, the biggest advantage (other than tremendous savings) is that you are dealing direct with the company that actually makes the carpet.  You can expect better pricing, better service and better quality.  Plus, since we only make carpet for the commercial hospitality industry, we have the experience to help when you’re planning your upgrade or remodel.  Since you will be buying direct the savings are amazing, but equally important is our wealth of knowledge and experience.

Knowing what carpet to install in specific areas, is important.  We’ve been in the hospitality carpet business for all long time and have experienced just about every situation you’ll run into.  Find out more about out company and more advantages of dealing direct with the manufacture.

Customer Reviews Of Hotel Motel Visits

Online review sites where guests review their Hotel Motel visits, gives us some important insights.  Researchers found that for negative or unsatisfactory reviews bedding or sleep issues was the number one complaint.  What was surprising was, the condition of the carpet (entrance and room carpet) was the number two factor mentioned in negative reviews.










In the bedding category, such things as worn out mattress, dirty sheets, poor quality (plastic feeling) sheets and noise (both from adjacent rooms as well as outside noise).
In the Carpet/Flooring category, such things as dirty carpet, torn or worn carpet, musty smell and carpet coming apart at the seams.
In the Service category, while this was a smaller number most were centered around front desk.
In the Facilities category,  such things as showers not working properly, ice machines not working and pools closed.


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Contact Information

Contact Information

We are here to help. Call us at (800) 837-3659 or (706) 517-4343 and experience what excellent customer service is all about.

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Quick FAQs

Quick FAQs

Easy How-To Buying Guide Q & A Q. Is this first quality carpet? A. Yes. We produce thousands of square yards of fine quality, offer a 5 year commercial warranty, and guarantee all carpets against defects in materials and workmanship. Q. What is the price range for...

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Our Promise – Our Mission

Our Promise – Our Mission

Mission Statement: To provide High Style Carpet for the Hospitality Industry. To cut no corners in the Quality Products we manufacture. To be an example of Superior Customer Service to our Customers and our industry. To eliminate Store Front, Dealer and Broker...

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Customer Rated #1

Chatham Carpet Company is consistantly rated as the best by our customers.  That’s something we are very proud of and we work hard to keep that rating, day in and day out.


Quality Leader

Beautiful, first-quality Hospitality Carpet is nothing new to us.  In fact, we are proud to say we have been a leader in this area for some time.  Take a look at our samples and we’ll prove it to you.


Made In USA

With so much of the Hotel and Motel Carpet coming from outside the US, we so excited to offer top quality Hospitality Carpet made in e the USA.  All our products are made in US factories with American workers and we cut no corners in materials or craftsmanship.